allow students to insert an image to be used in the course

Hi all

I know we can create avatar roles by inserting a picture or image that we have predetermined into the course with Storyline 2. I want to allow students to upload an image of themselves and this would then appear throughout the course to represent them where they are required to interact or make a response to a situation.  

Does anyone have any idea on how I would set this up or if it is possible?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Elena.  Thanks for reaching out!  Storyline 2 doesn't allow learners to upload an image into a course at this time.  It's a cool idea, and definitely worth sharing with our development team in a Feature Request.

As I'm sure you've considered, a possible workaround would be to have a few different avatars or images from which your learners could choose.

Tamara Evans Braun

Random and not very thought through idea but could you add a weblink that takes them to a file upload page external to storyline and tell them what to call the file, then embed the weblink to the file of that name in future slides? I guess you would need a file upload that could have a constant address for each user - e.g a system that required login and could result in everyone having the same url for their picture?