Animated text randomnly not showing in Preview and Export

Dec 17, 2021



I have been having a problem for several weeks now. 

I have created a course where a lot of text is animated "per paragraph". 

But recently this function appears to be buggy. Especially after exporting a project the animated text seems to suddenly be corrupted.

Sometimes parts of sentences or entire paragraphs simply disappear in preview mode and in exported projects. The are still there on the timeline, but in preview they are invisible.

Once I move them on the timeline and move them back to their original position they reappear in preview. It seems as if the softwarew "forgets" to do a visual render of those elements for some reason. 

I have absolutely no idea what might be causing this problem. Normally it works absolutely fine but occasionally the text just bugs out. I could replicate it on another computer, too. It makes exporting very unreliable, as I never really know if the text was fully exported or not. 


Video to demonstrate the problem:

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Tim Waldron

Happy New Year to you, too!

I have been talking to my company IT department and apparently there were some issues with Proxy settings and the company network that seem to have occasionally caused failures in Storyline. They fixed something with my computer settings and it seems to be working now. :)