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Hi guys,

I've recently translated my first Arabic course, and i've come across an enormous amount of issues that I haven't ever encountered with other translations.

Firstly, I couldn’t get the Arabic text to copy into Storyline correctly, from the Storyline translation document using the import function. Instead, I had to copy the text from the .doc into notepad and then into Storyline.

Secondly, because Arabic reads right to left, I changed my player settings to do this also, however any punctuation at the end of a sentence was still ending up in the wrong place. To resolve this issue, i had to make additional text boxes for the punctuation and manually put them in the correct place within the sentence.

Surely this isn't an ongoing issue that everyone is encountering? Is it just me that has had these problems? 


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Kelsey Fraser

Hi there. I realised this post has been added 3 years ago but by any chance have you found solutions for the various issues encountered by Alex with placing Arabic content in Storyline? I am facing all these issues plus the main problem is I can't make any editing directly in the SL file and i have to make any changes in a word doc before i copy-paste into SL slides which is very annoying and time consuming. I am using the latest version of Articulate and I have attached the file i am working on here. I tried to fix the first slides so please have a look at slides 1.29 onwards if that helps you to investigate the problem.

Thank you for your assisatnce.

Ren Gomez

Hi Kelsey,

Thanks for reaching out, and I'm sorry you're running into this issue as well! We have had an open bug in Storyline 360 where:

Translated English text to Arabic is not displaying correctly.

The good news is, we're working on a fix and are in the final testing phases. Assuming all goes well, we're targeting a release in the next update, so we'll reach back out when there's news to share!