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Cheryl Powers

Intermittently, for the past several months, I am having these problems with storyline 360 published courses, published for SuccessFactors LMS as html5/flash fallback, and seeing it mostly on the Edge browser.  Our standard font for our company is Segoe UI.  The most difficult challenge is that I do not have direct access to our lMS server for supporting WOFF.  in our courses, the users have blanks/missing letters.

Cheryl Powers

thank you.  Yes, I had found those articles awhile back and read the ones on Microsoft site too, when the first occurrences showed up in our courses.  We do not have direct access to our SuccessFactors LMS server to enable WOFF support as it is shared amongst all coke bottlers and complicates the relationship with SAP.  Our IT department doesn't enforce any group policy for fonts or downloading fonts on the internet settings, so that is not the issue either.  Our most recent occurrence was in a course that every text was Segoe UI which is standard, and therefore the results should not be occurring.    

Shawn McCulley

Has any solution been found for this issue? We have a client that still uses IE 11 and when they view the prototype of the course we are developing for them, the fonts are being substituted. I was initially using Lato, but switched to Open Sans to see if that would help. It didn't. (See the attached files). Additionally,  the f and sometimes the i are missing. We are exporting to HTML 5 only. We can't expect a large state agency to change or update their systems for one course and they shouldn't have to. Can CSS be used to reference a Web font placed in an external folder similar to what Lectora can do? Any help would be much appreciated. 



Crystal Horn

Hi there, Shawn.  We've prioritized the fix on the authoring side so that course viewers, or their administrators, won't have to make adjustments to the browser settings.  We're still finalizing the details of the solution after getting some feedback from users.  We're making progress, and I hope to be able to share some good news with you as soon as I can!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mayank,

Sorry to hear you've run into some trouble with the fonts in your output! Can you share a bit more detail, such as: 

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • When your colleagues view the output, where have you hosted it?
  • What browser are they viewing it in? 

The details above will help us get to the bottom of what you're running into. You could also start by reviewing some of the troubleshooting steps here. 

Jerry McCorkle

This was a priority two months ago, but today (December 11, 2018) I had a user unable to see the t's or f's in a course using Lato font, with Modern fonts enabled and in straight HTML5 output published to Articulate 360. Is this likely to be fixed soon? I am running the most current build of Storyline360. (v3.22.17236.0)

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jerry.  We haven't released the fix for the published output yet.  Do you know what browser your learner was using to view the course?  We have these solutions here to help in the meantime.  We're here to help further if those settings don't improve the text rendering for your learners.