Articulate Content Library: Editing Vector Art

Oct 22, 2018

Longtime user, first time 360er.

I notice the Content Library includes vector art that you are able to import directly into Storyline 360 (or Rise). AWESOME... but I can't figure out how to edit the vector. What is the point of vector art if it is already rasterized?  Are these even vectors or just vector styled bitmaps?

Is there away to open an Articulate Content Library Vector in Adobe Illustrator?  I only see the ability to export it to jpg/png/bmp.



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Katie Riggio

Welcome aboard to Articulate 360, M.!

Thanks for reaching out! While this area falls outside of my expertise, it is an excellent question for our Support Engineers. In fact, I see you're already working closely with my teammate, Renz. 

He is consulting with the rest of our team regarding this inquiry as I type this. You'll hear back from him soon, and I'll also keep an eye on the case's progress to share all updates here as well.