Articulates Storyline creates way too much stress (a lot of progress needs to be made)

Oct 28, 2022

However frustrating and bad this software can be, it's at least better than Captivate, so I'll give it that, but it's insane how many additional problems it creates and additional time it forces the designer to spend to resolve those unnecessary issues.

Here's my timeline:

-Created a drag and drop where you have to place shapes/drag targets into outlined shapes/drop targets on a flow diagram in the right order. Okay, should be a very, very simple process.

However,  for whatever reason, even though the drag targets are all the exact same dimension and the drop targets are all the exact same dimensions, when I place two of the drag targets into their drop targets, you can see white space to the side that you can't see with the two other drag targets.

Okay...unnecessary issue, but I realized that this might be because drag targets are on top of the drop targets...even though in the timeline, they're set to be behind the drop targets. Yet, I can't do anything about this. Despite the way they're arranged in the timeline, they continue to go over the drop targets.

-I can't share this content with you guys because I'm not free to share company content. Well, I tried to create a new, separate project where I can just simply copy and paste this content into a blank slide in this new project. 

However, when it drops, it doesn't fit the screen exactly like the original slide. Why? There is absolutely zero reason this should be a problem in 2022, and yet, I'm having issues simply copy and pasting. Not sure if this is because the aspect ratio of the slide is different.

Short story: Articulate Storyline like a lot of 2022 tech creates more issues when it resolves. There's always something behind a simple action. Not sure if this is on purpose.

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Walt Hamilton

When you drag an object, it is automatically brought to the top. Otherwise, if you dragged it past another object that was higher than the dragged object, when it goes behind the higher object, you break contact with it, and would not be able to drag it further. It's not a feature, it is a function, without which, drag and drop would be absolutely impossible.

I suggest you don't cut and copy, as it only sometimes works. Instead use import to copy slides from one project to another.

Yes, you are correct; changing slide ratio changes the location of almost everything.