Assistance needed with Custom Next button and returning from a different scene

I am having an issue with my next button turning from the "Non-clickable state" to a "clickable state" when I have the user navigate to a new scene I have a trigger on the final slide that brings them back to the previous scene to an interactive menu to make their next selection. Upon returning the next button is able to be clicked even if the triggers I have created aren't met yet. AND the next button is clickable for the rest of the project slides. What am I doing wrong?

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Tom Kuhlmann

I didn't look through the entire file, but I suspect you have a conflict with when you are changing the next button state. You have triggers to change it when last slide variable changes and you have triggers on the base layer of the master to change it when a combination of things happen.

Also, you could simplify a lot of the production when may also cause potential conflict. I'll record a quick tutorial.