Assistance with Focus order on a FreeForm Pick one

Jun 30, 2021

Hi there, I found many discussions on focus order, but not my specific question.  I watched a great video on articulate's site on how to add multiple fill in the blank fields and turn it into a pick one question.  My issue is I am not 100% on my focus order.

I have attached the one slide here and I have put in the focus order in the order I think it should be.

My main confusion, is do I have to keep the Pick one object in the focus order and if yes where does it go - should it be first, or just before the buttons for example?  And I assume the correct/incorrect buttons that are off the screen need to be in the focus order, as they are attached to the variables...but again not sure if Pick One, buttons or text entries come first, second or third.

Appreciate any help, our organization is really focused on accessibility these days and just want to ensure I have it right. 

And just an add one:  I still would love to see focus order on your road map, as layers always default at the top so you spend so much time re-ordering things :) and would be nice to move them in bulk :)

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Teresa!

The Focus Order should be ordered in the way that a learner would navigate through the content. For example, a sighted learner would see the heading first, then a subheading, a paragraph, etc. 

You'll want to customize your Focus Order to do the same with your Pick One question slide.

I'm excited to hear what our accessibility experts share about the focus order!

Phil Mayor

I hear your pain about layers always being at the top. 

But,  for these layers in a question you should be setting them to prevent user clicking on base layer if not it will cycle through the layers. It doesn't matter then if they are at the top or bottom of the focus order just that they are in the correct order for the layers as when a layer opens it will automatically have focus for those objects.

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Phil, so to confirm whenever you have a quiz question your "correct" "incorrect" layers should always have the check box selected to Hide base layer?

Also, sorry still not sure about the focus order re: Pick one object and the correct/incorrect buttons....are you saying the Pick One object can be deleted from the focus order?

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Lauren, are you able to do a Peek recording showing me my focus order and what would happen, I don't have access to a screen reader so makes it very hard to test as I am not able to download.  I am just curious about the quiz questions as they always have the "Pick One" or "Multiple Choice" object in the focus order list.  I learned from Phil below that it sounds like all quiz questions feedback popups I should hide the base layer as well.

Phil Mayor

For the type of question (multiple text entry) you can remove all of the pick one bits as the users doesn't not need to see these.

For the layers should be prevent user from clicking on the base layer, then you do not need to drag the layers below just put them in order where they are as they take focus as soon as the layer opens

Teresa Vanderpost

Great, I had done that technique on regular slides (hiding the base layer) when I have pop up layers created that cover the base layer, but I sadly still put them in focus order with layers at the bottom.  So this is very helpful.  And now I will remember to do this for all Feedback boxes on quiz questions.  Appreciate the quick replies :)

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi Phil and Lauren,

I have another Freeform that hoping I can clarify information on the focus order.  I built a table,  the text on the left in the first column is within the table.  Then the buttons are just over top of the cells of the table so technically those two columns are not being used.  So in the focus order I had a ton of objects for the two columns I am not using so I deleted them and kept the buttons.  Just wondering do I need the two items in the Focus Order picture to be listed?  The Pick Many and the actual full table?  Otherwise I think I have the focus order correct.

Thanks so much