Audio and cue points


I have recently moved across to SL360 from SL2 and have noticed I can no longer see the waveforms in the audio timeline like I used to.  This always made it simpler to add cue points.  

Unfortunately also, when using the play button in the bottom left of the timeline, it does not play audio, so again it is difficult to add cue points whch need to be timed to audio.  

It is currently taking me twice as long now to go into the audio editor and scribble down the timings on a piece of paper then get back into the timeline to manually add the cue points.

Am I missing something?

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The waveform should appear when the audio is set to play automatically when the timeline starts. If you're using a trigger to play the audio, then you'll see the audio icon instead of the waveform. I've attached a screenshot of both methods.

The play button in the bottom left always takes a 2-3 seconds before it begins playing.

Any chance you can post your slide so we can take a look?