Audio and Video out of sync when using Seekbar

I have a number of different courses where I have recorded video using Storyline. I have then exported the video, converted it to an audio file, edited the audio with Audacity, and then inserted the audio file back into the slide. When I play the video everything works fine until I use the seekbar. If I try to use the seekbar the video jumps to the right part but the audio doesn't jump with the video. The audio just keeps on playing. I'm sure there is an easy solution to this but I'm a new user and don't know what it is. Please help Storyline experts.


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Dayn Wilkins

Hi Emily

Do you know if this was fixed in 7 May update?

We have the same problem in our projects. Audio and video get out of sync when you play around with the seekbar. Very frustrating. It means we will probably have to export and merge the audio and video in Camtasia, which really shouldn't be necessary.

Jean-Guy  Boulay

I am experiencing this as well using cue points to activate triggers. If you let the slide play through, everything synchs perfectly, but if you jump ahead with the seekbar and let it play to a cue point, the video lags behind by about a second and results in a trigger getting activated prematurely. If I click back in the seekbar about 3 seconds and let it play everything comes back into synch. 

I look forward to any updates.

Jennifer Johnston

It seems apparent that after 7-10 months of this fairly major problem, that Articulate does not, in fact, consider it a fairly major problem.

I like the product and I think support tends to be fairly responsive and helpful. However, I am sorry to say that I am very disappointed in the way this issue has (not) been handled.

Marcela Pineros

My large enterprise client was seriously considering Storyline to produce  their interactive videos - at my prodding. However, during the trial for Storyline 2, I came across this same issue. When using the seekbar, our base video fell out of sync with our animations and triggers. The recommendation to hide the seekbar and sacrifice learner control is unacceptable in light of what we know about UX/IU. 

Now, I'm having to retract my recommendation.

But not only is the synchronization a challenge, it turns out that although significant marketing has been done around interactive video, the functionality does not apply to iPhones - and there isn't an iPhone app either!  Having been a strong Storyline advocate, I am deeply disappointed in the disconnect between what is being advertised and the reality. I can only hope that things will change for the better in short order! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marcela,

I'm sorry to hear that it's caused such an issue for you and as mentioned it was shared with our QA team, but I don't have any updates to share at this point.

Also, in regards to the iPhone and video behavior - this is based on how the iPhone works with video in mobile Safari.  We do not currently have a mobile player for the iPhone, but it's something you're welcome to share in the form of a feature request. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jennifer,

It has been reported to our QA team and they are taking a look, but I'm not able to offer any additional information at this time. I understand the frustration with that, but please know once there is additional information to share we'll update this thread accordingly and if you're subscribed you'll receive an email notification with new replies. 

Jay Caron

Alas, we are also facing this problem... very frustrating, especially when you find out about it a few days before launch date!

I'm also encountering the issue where the video buffers while the timeline does not: many users have synchronization issues when a cue point pauses the timeline with a question, but the video is a couple of seconds behind - with or without the seek bar.
Our whole training is based on videos with popping questions at certain times. This is giving me quite the headache and I'm hoping for a fix very soon.

Brooke  L

We've also had this issue ever since SL2 came out. When using the seekbar, our video falls out of sync with our animations and triggers. SL1 was fine!!! This is super frustrating seeing that our modules are 90% video with animation. Clients don't like the "lock the seek bar" option and I agree, it's not a great solution for our clients. Hope this gets fixed soon!!!

Terry Bell

Is there a process to escalate issues?  It seems to me that if it is a big one for customers, it should be a big one for your QA, your developers, your management.  

Having worked in the software industry for a dozen years, I understand your hesitation to call this a 'bug', but obviously it is a huge design flaw that needs to be rectified.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Terry, 

We have raised a report of the issue with our QA team, and until we hear further from them I don't have additional information to share. We do indicate as a part of the report filed when there are more users impacted in a particular thread so that we're able to keep an accurate assessment of users impacted. 

Once we have additional information to share, we'll be sure to update you here.