Audio: Stopping and starting between the main slide and it slide layers

Hello Team,

I need help stopping and starting audio on the main slide and the 3 slide layers.

When the main slide initially loads, the audio needs to start.

It needs to stop or pause when the learner clicks on any of the 3 tabs shown, and that layer's audio needs to start. 

For example, the main slide is shown and the learner clicks on tab 2 ( layer 2 displays) and the audio for layer 2 plays  and the main slide's audio stops/pauses.

The learner can click on tab 3 or tab 1 while viewing layer/tab 2 material.  The audio for layer/tab 2 needs to stop and the audio for tab 3 needs to play or resume playing when they click tab 3.

My brain is forgetting something regarding variables or triggers.  It's a little fried.

Looking forward to your thoughts (sharing your brain cells! ). 

Thank you!  :)


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Kenneth King

Hello Wendy,

Thank you for your feedback.  I've tried that with no success unfortunately whether it be for video or just an audio file.

I ended up using the Slide "Layer" Properties to "Pause timeline of base layer"  which worked.

Have you had luck with video or just audio pausing/stopping and then resuming when hiding a slide layer using your suggestion above?  I'd like to hear more about that if you have.