Background Audio Cool Trick

Hi All,

Just wanted to share a way to add audio across all slides in Storyline 2 There are a few posts on here about this, and I found this method to be super simple.

**Please note that this is just a cool trick, and not a built in feature of Storyline 2.

Publish your course, open the story.html file with Notepad, scroll to the bottom and add this code

<audio src="YOURAUDIOHERE.mp3" preload="auto" autoplay loop></audio>  with a space before the </body> and place your audio file into the published output folder and there you go. That is it.

Here is an example,  and the output folder is attached.

Have fun!

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Dawn DeVillers

I am in desprate need to have music in the background throughout the course. I have tried your files and code and I can not get it to work. I am using storyline 360. someone please tell me what I am doing wrong. 

Ideally I would love to use javascript to control what slides play what music. 




I spent a good while trying to do the same thing. This will take you about an hour if you work through it, which is relatively much simpler. Not sure if this is still a problem. I've been searching all day for solutions and thought I'd share the one I finally came up with. Good luck!