Blurry Graphics

Hi Heroes! 

I've read a few discussions around blurry graphics, however, they all seem to be from quite some time ago. 

My colleagues and I are having issues with blurry graphics in Storyline 360 when previewing/publishing. 

I'm exporting graphics the same way I have done for many years now and noticed recently that graphics with text on them appear blurry (see attached example). I have tried png, jpeg, SVG...altering sizes, altering my grouping, outlining text as well as many other things, with no success. 

I'm not sure what has changed, but I'm really struggling to identify what the cause is or how to resolve it. 

Anyone else having this issue?? 

Thanks in advance, 

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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Steph! ⭐️

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that screenshot; I can see the blurriness you've described.

Let's start with these tips:

If you don't see improvement from there, could I have you share your project in a case so our support engineers can get a closer look? We will reach out with an update shortly after!

Kory Trosclair

I have a similar issue Becca. I am saving a file at 1920x1080, placing it on the same size canvas in Storyline, and it is a .PNG. None of the above fixes worked.

Obviously the zooms I added cause severe blurring too is why this is a problem for me. Attached are the .png at normal resolution, keeping clarity as I zoom in. Then the storyline that is not.

Steph Pratt

Hi Mark, 

Not exactly. 

The support team basically said it's Chrome that's the issue and highlighted that it's better quality in Firefox...which doesn't really help! So, unless we advise all clients to use Firefox (not going to happen haha!), I'm stuck with blurry graphics. 😢

What browser are you using, out of curiosity? 


Becca Levan

Oh no, Mark! I'm sorry you've hit this issue while trying to avert another one!

I've opened a support case on your behalf so one of our support engineers can take a closer look at those images. Stay tuned; we'll reach out via email soon with the next step!

P.S. You probably already spotted this, but this article shares tips on how to get those images to look sharper: Best Practices for High-Quality Images and Videos.

Mark Kirby

Hi Becca

I'll be amazed and impressed if you solve this issue for me, when it seems all others who have the same issue are still waiting for a solution. I have of course read all the best practices etc and to be honest it's insane that a graphics platform like Storyline wouldn't just let users insert any picture and resize it etc. Anyway like all the others before me, none of those "fixes" actually fixes anything.  The closest I came was a piece arguing that Storyline itself was resizing images maybe 90% or something and this caused the soften/blur of all graphics, most noticeable on text. As you can probably tell, I'm super frustrated....

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi Mark,
I appreciate the follow-up, and I understand the frustration, but we're not able to share any concrete updates at this time. It is currently in the early stages of review. 

To help you plan, it's unlikely to be fixed in the next couple of updates.

Since you have a support case, we'll notify you as soon as we have news to share.