Bookmarking is not working in the Storyline 360 courses in MS Edge browser

Jul 23, 2020

Hi Team,

Yesterday we have updated our Storyline 360 tool to the recent version - 3.42.22691.0 and published a course.
We uploaded the course in the LMS (SuccessFactors) and tested. We noticed the Bookmarking functionality is not working in the MS Edge browser (Version 84.0.522.40 (Official Build) (64-bit)) when we close the browser window not using the Exit button in the course.
The Bookmarking functionality is working only when we use IE11, or Chrome browsers or exit the course using Storyline Exit Course trigger.
We cannot expect the user/learner will not close the browser window abruptly. Hence this bug will affect the users badly.
I hope you have already noticed this bug.
Please let me know how to fix it.


Venkatesh, J


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Venkatesh Jaganathan

Hi Ren,

Yes I am working with Christopher, but the issue is not yet resolved.

Our QA team has noticed, the older courses developed in Storyline 3 and update 9 were also not working (bookmarking functionality) in the LMS when we launch it in IE Edge (84.0.522.40) and the latest version of Chrome browser.

More users will be affected with this issue. If the Storyline team can provide any update on this, it would be great.


Venkatesh, J

Venkatesh Jaganathan

Hi Team,

Sorry for the delay.

We have updated the Storyline 360 to the latest version and also enabled the flag Allows synchronous XHR requests in page dismissal in the Chrome browser.

I did the same changes for the Storyline 3 also, now the published courses are working (bookmarking and mark completion) as expected. Our QA team has verified and confirmed the same.

Thanks for your support.

Venkatesh, Jaganathan


Kevin Nolty

Hi Articulate Team.

I'm am also experiencing the same issue with bookmarking in MS Edge as was explained by VanKatesh above. I am using  Storyline 3 Build (12:3.12.24693) and publish the course in SAP SuccessFactors. Unfortunately, we can't change the "Allows synchronous XHR requests in page dismissal" in MS Edge. Was this issue addressed in my latest SL3 build?

The issue for me occurs when we close the browser window not using the Exit button in the course. I did notice that it happens after you answer a knowledge check (KC) question and are moved to the next slide. On that slide (after the KC), if you close the browser window not using the Exit button, enter the course again, and accept to return where you left off, you are brought back to slides before the KC. Any thoughts on how this can be fixed when using MS Edge? 

Thank you.

Kevin Nolty

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing that you're experiencing a similar issue to what Venkatesh shared above. It looks like he was able to get everything working as expected.

I'm curious if you're able to replicate the issue in your Edge browser if you test with another LMS provider, such as SCORM Cloud, or if the issue is limited to your LMS?

If you can replicate the behavior or need help with testing, please share your .story file with us directly here to take a closer look.