Bookmarking User progress in Storyline

Hi All, 

I am working on a project for a client that seems to be constantly evolving.

What started off as a more or less standard design is morphing into a data capturing exercise linked to the course, using Java Scripts etc. to capture about 120 data points (and rising). This has meant that the need for an LMS has decreased as we intend to automatically export the data to a Google sheet at the end of each course using a ClueLabs widget.

But a point was raised in our most recent meeting about a user who pauses midway through the course and returns later to complete the course.

I know that hosting on an LMS will allow this functionality but if the course is hosted on a website is there a way of creating the same bookmarking feature in Storyline?

I have looked through various threads but they are either quite old or don’t address this particular issue.

Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions.


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John Alvin Apaya

Hi Michael! Based on the following link, publishing on the web is only recommended if you do not need to track the learner's progress or results:

If the learner does not clear the browser's browsing history after exiting the course halfway, the course should be resumable. However, if the browsing history is cleared after exiting the course, the site will not prompt to resume. In this case, I tried Google Chrome to reproduce the scenario.