Building a multiple choice question in Storyline


I created a multiple choice question in storyline with the below features:

Attempts - 2

When resitting by user - reset to initial state

When I preview the whole project and reach the multiple choice slide, it allows me to attempt the question indefinite times until I get the right response. How is this possible when the user can attempt the question only twice?

However if I change the setting from reset to initial state to reset to saved state, I don't face this issue. But, this would mean that the user cannot re attempt the question when the revisit the slide later during the course.

I would ideally want to get to the below.

User attempts the question twice, if the answer in the first attempt is wrong.

User is able to revisit the question slide in it's initial state, if they decide to reattempt the question in between the course.

Any help would be appreciated :)





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Judy Nollet

Hi, Bernita,

That's unexpected behavior.

The attached file has a multiple-choice question set to allow 2 attempts and to reset to initial state. It only allows 2 attempts, and it lets the user retake the question if they return to it from another slide. In other words, it does what you want. 

Something may have gotten corrupted in your slide. Try rebuilding it. If it still doesn't work as expected, reach out to the support staff ( They're very helpful.