Can I create transparent text in Storyline?

Aug 28, 2019

Does anyone know if there is a way to make extra large text transparent? I have an idea I'd like to try out, but nothing's working for me. Thanks.

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Kevin Hayes

What do you mean by transparent?  Do you mean so the text appears like a stencil - cut out from the background?  Or simply invisible or semi-- transparent?

The simplest way would be to write the text and then save it as a image (perhaps by using a screen capture tool like Windows Snip?) - paste it back as an image and adjust the transparency value in the Image Format settings

Very crude but like this -  the first is actual text in text object, the other two are copies of text which have been captured and then pasted as images and had the transparency setting adjusted:

Kevin Hayes

BTW if you are using an image background the top tip is to write the text with the background image visible then do the capture - it should all line up with a bit of trial and error and as you adjust the transparency the background in the text image will merge invisibly with the real background image....using an image to place text on a page is a neat trick if you want to try out a variety of f.x not available within the text tool.

Douwe Harder

Thanks for the nice suggestions to make text transparant.

But it still puzzles me. Are the following observations correct?

From text in a textbox:

  • The fill can be transparant (0-100%)
  • The outline can be transparant (0-100%)
  • The text itself can NOT be made transparant at all

And the only way to make text transparant... is to turn it into a picture

  • which is extra work
  • not editable any more
  • has a larger filesize
  • and is not as sharp as plain text
Brian Anderson

I'm just throwing my $.02 in as well on this - that's a pretty basic feature, and for a package as full-fledged as Storyline to not have it is kind of...well, unfortunate.  Having to go through a workaround that involved just to make text transparent puts it a step closer to (dare I say it) Captivate.  :(