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Katie Riggio

Hello, Wanjiru!

Right now, there isn't a way to add hyperlinks directly to individual cells or selected text. We'll notify this discussion if we make any changes to that!

In the meantime, I've got a few suggestions:

  • Simulate hyperlinks for cells and text by adding hotspots where you need them and using the hotspots to trigger hyperlinks.
  • Create a text box with the hyperlink and then place it in the table cell.

Let me know if any of those ideas could work for you. I'm happy to help!

Seth Merriam

I'm so sad to see this was raised 5+ years ago and still in not implemented. I'm not sure if there might be some technical reason or if it really is just "too few folx have voted for it for us to worry about it" (which is how I read phrases like "it's not on our feature roadmap yet" and "you can vote for it").

I was impressed to see that I can use the method suggested and still have it be accessible -- since each table cell is listed in focus order... and since it does seem to place them automatically, I could use bottoms as well... however this still seems so tedious.

I'm aware these forums are not the technical groups, and the answer is often "you can file a ticket/request" but short of doing that, is there anything any of the forum admins can tell us about this and why it takes so long?