Can't open Quizmaker file in Storyline

Jan 19, 2022

When I try to import a presenter file into Storyline that includes quizzes and engage interactions, the quizzes and EIs won't import. The error says "couldn't open Quizmaker file. A quiz being imported is in use by another application. Please close any other applications...". But there is no way the quiz is open by anyone anywhere else. Can you think of another reason this error message might be coming up?

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Becca Levan

Hey there, Brian!

I see you are working in a support case with my teammate John Carlo already, but this sounds like a separate issue.

Storyline: Couldn't Find Quizmaker Project File or Engage Interaction

If that doesn't help, can you share the project file with us here so we can test things out? We'll reach out after we investigate!