Can you adjust a slide duration without dragging the end point?

May 23, 2013

I know this has been asked before but I can't find an answer...

Is it possible to adjust a slide duration without dragging the end point?

I have a slide that is 900 seconds long.

It contains 10 seconds of audio and 890 seconds of silence. When using a seekbar the audio ends and the seekbar is only 5% full.

Every slide in my course is the same and it takes forever manually dragging the end point back to 10 seconds.

I just want a box where I can type in the number of seconds for slide duration, or to right-click on the time line and select "set end point".

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nadilah,

I think you'll want to review this section on changing the duration of objects, specifically:

When you right-click an object on the timeline, you'll see additional options for managing timing and duration:

  • Align to Cue Point: This moves the object along the timeline so its starting point lines up with the Cue Point # you select.
  • Align to Playhead: This moves the object along the timeline so its starting point lines up with the current position of the playhead (blue vertical line).
  • Show Until End: This displays the object until the end of the slide's timeline.
  • Show Always: This displays the object for the entire duration of the slide, from beginning to end.
  • Timing: This opens the Timing window (shown below), where you can specify the Start Time and Duration of the object (in seconds).
Dina Korsten

Robert thank you so much for the video. It helped me, but I had some issues first... My timeline did not want to drag to a smaller amount of seconds, then I went to right-click and set the timing of all of my objects and realised that I couldn't set the timing on groups. I then expanded the groups on my timeline and adjusted only their timing to 10 seconds and only then could I use your method! Hope this helps someone else :)

Justin Heinz
Victoria Wentz

Adding to Robert's suggestion, if you create a cue point on your timeline, when you drag the timeline and press the left arrow, the timeline will adjust to that cue point. This technique allows you to more easily set the exact time you want with minimal over/under shooting.

Perfect.  This is exactly what I was looking for!  I think I had to look around for almost half an hour before finding your solution, Victoria-thanks!  

Cute points.  I was wondering if they had something useful to do with this :)