Can you change a slide with Feedback Master to Slide Master?

Apr 13, 2022

OK...maybe one of the biggest bonehead moves of all time.  

I'm working on a project that is meant to simulate a multi-layered conversation...16 layers and dozens upon dozens of triggers.  What I just realized is that the slide master that I was using is a 'Feedback Master' and not a 'Slide Master' (I'm sure I started there a couple weeks ago for some logical reason that, at the moment, complete escapes me).  

So...the $64K question, is there any way to change a slide from a Feedback Master to a normal Slide Master? 

I've tried copying/pasting the layers and elements, individually and in mass, onto a new slide, but all the triggers break when I do that and I'm trying to minimize the pain of my own mistake.  :-)

Any suggests will be appreciate and taken in the spirit in which they are offered!  

Thanks ahead of time.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Jay,

The base layer of a slide uses a Slide Master Layout. 

All other layers use a Feedback Master Layout. (When you add a layer, it defaults to the "blank" Feedback Layout. Auto-created layers for quizzing default to those special layouts.) 

If you want your "conversation" layers to have a certain look and feel, create a new Feedback Layout, and then apply that to those layers.