Cannot delete a Trigger that attached itself like a virus.

Apr 30, 2021

In Storyline 2, I was trying to create a variable and trigger to keep the narration from playing again when a user pressed the TRY AGAIN button in a quiz.

I was following this tutorial:

But when it wasn't working, I tried to delete the trigger and start again, but I could not delete it.  In fact, now the trigger is on every slide in my project and I can't delete it from anywhere.

I tried changing where the trigger was pointing, but still could not delete it.  I even tried deleting all three quiz slides and starting from scratch, but the trigger was still there - probably because it is now on all slides anyway.

I am at a loss.  I've attached the storyline.  Thank you.

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Walt Hamilton

Did you say this is SL 2?  What is the problem trigger? The only trigger I found on every Try Again layer was the "Change state of Next Button to Disabled When the timeline starts on this slide", and I could delete it from every one. Try downloading the story from here and see if that helps.