CD version publish NOT work on  Mac. Will the LMS version work on Mac platforms?

Mar 03, 2022

We are having problems opening cd version publish on mac computers.

Can anyone help me?

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eLearn Dev

Is it possible to open in mac. if it is not possible, Is there any alternative solution.

This is my client requirement " they are using mac device and they are unable to open those files.  Please suggest me.

This file is opened in windows 10 and 7 but not opening in windows 8, 8.1 version. 


Wilbert Mariano

Storyline 360 CD generated published file Launch_story.exe is a Windows executable so it won't open when using a Mac. It might work by pointing them to the HTML story.html file. You should consider web security as it may not work with hyperlinks or embedded content such as YouTube videos. I'd suggest uploading the course to a web server and use the share link instead.