Challenge - 360° video including hotspots in Storyline

Nov 25, 2012

Hello Storyline Heroes!

For an EHS eLearning, we are trying to build an interactive 360 virtual tour. The learner moves around a factory, and finds hotspots with quiz questions.


We are trying to achieve something similar to Montse Posner Anderson great example “making video more interactive” , but with the possibility for the learner to move around the area at its own pace.


This is an example of what we would like to create - but in Storyline:

(it’s in Sweedish – simply click on “Starta test”)


Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any ideas!



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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Annick,

I remember trying to do something similar a couple of months ago trying to implement a virtual tour.

Assuming you've got the animation video footage (i.e. all available angles) then it should be too hard to do. I suppose, placing the main static picture on the base layer together with some sort of "navigation cross" is all you will need, and also place each video on a separate layer (starting automatically).

The key to this is probably the movement between layers. Theoretically, you can create a good enough 360 "illusion".

You may also be able to ditch any navigation cross and just jump to layers when hovering some corner hotspots instead.

Performance for such a thing is a questionmark though...

Hope it helps,


Alexandros Anoyatis

One more thing. I would also try to capture the final frame of each animation and make it appear right after the end of the video in each layer just to be on the safe side.

For example : say your "turn right" video is 3sec long, take the last frame of that video and screen grab it. Then position it on the timelime immediately after the 3sec mark. Then you can work your magic with the question markers as intended. Be sure to set all layers to reset and also disallow seeking.

Good luck!

Annick Rivkine

Good point. Now I'm just concerned about the number of layers we'll need to create if we want to reproduce a room in 360! Not every places will include hot points so that should make it easier. Once we will have worked out something, we will make the example available for the community!

Michael Hinze

Leon Geschwind said:

Any luck with this Annick? I'm looking to do something similar with 360 tour with virtual hotspots. Not sure of an easy way to have the hotspots trackable though? Would love to hear anyone's insights.

It's been a while, but I have used TourWeaver, a software to create virtual 360 tours with hotspots. This software also allows you to add JavaScript to a hotspot, so that clicks in the tour can be passed on to Storyline.
Ted Hildebrandt

Really interested in doing some VR and AR project.  Wondering if I can use Storyline 2 for it.
Will Storyline 2 do still 360 panos?  Will it do 360 videos?  can I link back and forth between a still panorama and a 360 video?  If so this would be fantastic. I'm looking at Kolor's Autopano Tour but doesn't seem to be able to put hotspots on 360 video which is what is needed.  Can Storyline do that?  Thanks.  I'd like to take my students to Israel and teach them in a Virtual world on site.

Ted Hildebrandt

Okay, I got that the pano tour can be dropped into Storyline as a web object.
Great! Can I put hotspots from Storyline into those panos-vid. The Petra
pano tour. How would you drop a Storyline hotspot into that panorama?
(The link to the 360 video hotspots didn't work).
Thanks. So excited about the response "Rise" you guys put out.
Congrats! Big problem solver.

Ted H.

Ted Hildebrandt

Very helpful. Thank you. I'm trying to get into VR and AR as an
educational technology. Hoping Storyline 360 will go that direction
in the future combining 360 bubbles and video into interactive tours
and games using your variables. Right now I can make tours with
Kolor's PanoTour but can't make it so the student can interactive with
The panos and 360 video inside the tours. Hotspots in the web object
tours would open up alternative reality and gaming possibilities.

What I love about Storyline Is the community so I ask a question and I hear a
response in a matter of less than an hour. You guys are the BEST.

Ted Hildebrandt
Gordon College

Ted Hildebrandt

Thanks, need some way to have PanoTour talk to Storyline.
Click a button in Panotour and it sends a message into Storyline that
I can use so that I know what the student has touched.

Another idea: maybe I could make the tour in Storyline.
Can Storyline handle 360 bubbles and video and could I then
drop hotspots into those panorama bubbles? (Will need spin,
zoom in/out too. Would that work?

Ted Hildebrandt
Gordon College