Change state of multiple objects with one trigger action

It doesn't appear to possible to change the of multiple objects with one trigger.  You have to create a separate individual trigger action for each object.  

Let's say I want multiple objects to change their state when a variable changes, I can't set up a trigger to 'Change State of...Objects 1 -10' when variable 'x' changes.  I would have to do it for Object 1 then copy and paste it for the rest and change the object name.  

Any chance I'm missing something and this actually can be done?  Thanks

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Tom Annear

I'm finding this painful, too.

I have a custom navigation menu with Topic number | Screen number

I need to change the state of many buttons in each level to 'visited' when a 'topic_XX_done' variable changes to 'true' - tracking which topicsand screens a learner has completed for both topic and screen level.

It would be a very useful feature to set multiple object states at the some time.




Becca Levan

Thanks for following up, Mr Brown!

This thread is very outdated, so I'd like to understand what you're trying to achieve, then help tailor a solution for you. I'd love it if you could share more details of what you're struggling with in your project here. Then we'll reach out to work directly with you!