Change state of multiple objects with one trigger action

It doesn't appear to possible to change the of multiple objects with one trigger.  You have to create a separate individual trigger action for each object.  

Let's say I want multiple objects to change their state when a variable changes, I can't set up a trigger to 'Change State of...Objects 1 -10' when variable 'x' changes.  I would have to do it for Object 1 then copy and paste it for the rest and change the object name.  

Any chance I'm missing something and this actually can be done?  Thanks

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Tom Annear

I'm finding this painful, too.

I have a custom navigation menu with Topic number | Screen number

I need to change the state of many buttons in each level to 'visited' when a 'topic_XX_done' variable changes to 'true' - tracking which topicsand screens a learner has completed for both topic and screen level.

It would be a very useful feature to set multiple object states at the some time.