Change the state of an object after clicking Resource link on the Player

Mar 24, 2022

I am working on a course that has the user click the Resources link and review a document.  After they review the document and return to the slide, I want to change the state of the character and text box on the screen to acknowledge they clicked the Resources link or have them jump to another slide that acknowledges they did it.  I can't find a trigger related to the Resources link.

Is this possible?  Any suggestions?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Michele,

The Trigger Wizard doesn't have a "when" for the user clicking the built-in Resources tab in the player.

Here's another option that could work for you:

  • Create a Resources slide that is visited via a custom tab in the Player. This post describes how to do that: 
    • To make this option work, the tab should jump to that slide (not just lightbox it). To maintain control, I suggest you turn off the Next button, as well as the Menu (if you're using it).  
  • Track whether the user visited the Resources slide. 
    • Create a T/F variable with the default value of False.
    • Add a trigger to the Resources slide that adjusts the value of the variable to True. For example, this could be when the timeline starts or even when the user clicks the link to access the document.
  • On the slide with the character & text box, add triggers to change the the state of those objects when the timeline starts with the condition that the variable equals True. 
    • Be sure to set the Slide Properties to "Reset to initial state" to ensure the timeline will replay from the start.