Changing a characters animation

Sep 09, 2022

I have a character in a certain pose and facing the left side, I want to change this to them facing and pointing to the right? Is there a way to do this so it doesn't just revert back to the original pose? I seem to be able to get it almost flick and then return to the original post. I just can't seem to get the new state to stay and face the correct way.

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Tim O'Sullivan



Thank you for your responses. my apologies for taking a while to respond to them. I have been on annual leave.


Tom this is correct, so I have character x facing some buttons and want them to change to facing the other way when all the buttons have been clicked on the left side. I have buttons on the right side and I'm trying to get the character to change to the right side. When I have the trigger set to do this it changes it for a millisecond and then back to the state of facing left.


Is this something that is possible?



Tom Kuhlmann

This should be no problem. Create buttons with visited states. For the character, I'd create two states with character facing left and right. Then a trigger to change the state from left to right when the state of all buttons are visited. I created a mock up.

I suspect in your case, there's a trigger or some action causing the character to revert back to the normal state.