Changing button destination based on progress variable

Aug 20, 2021

Hello folks, I'm working on a project and have made significant progress but I'm stuck at one piece of logic. Is is possible to change the destination slide for a button push based on a variable value?

My current design includes a main navigation with buttons that have progress bars that update as a user progresses through the relevant scene based on a progress variable. What I would like to be able to do is change the behaviour of the button on the main navigation to jump to the most recently completed slide in the relevant scene.


On Main Nav user clicks Intro button and jumps to Intro Scene slide 1 of 5 (progress variable set to 1)

User clicks advances to slide 3 (progress variable set to 3) and clicks Home to return to Main Nav

User clicks Intro button again and jumps to Intro Scene 3 of 5 (based on the progress variable value of 3)

Thank you for any help or guidance you can provide!

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Chris Henderson

Argh... I was way overthinking this. Thanks Walt, that will work like a charm!
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