Changing the position of a screen recorded using Storyline 2

Sep 26, 2016

I have a course with a built-in header and footer, and am attempting to add a screen recording inside those elements.  

When I record and insert the screen recording, it drops it centered horizontally and vertically into the slide.  The horizontal centering is fine, but the vertical centering covers up part of the header, and leaves a white gap at the bottom above the footer.  I've set up the screen recording to be the exact size of the blank white space in our template, and there appears to be no way to adjust the positioning of the screen recording. 

I've searched the threads here, and found suggestions on adjusting the size of the scene to match the recording, and then re-sizing the slide size to our desired template size.  However, that still places the recording centered vertically with no way to adjust its positioning.

Requests for this positioning feature go back four years, so it would be nice to hear if this will be addressed in a coming update.  Anyone have any ideas that could help me in the meantime?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Paul,

By default the screen recording will be placed in the center of the slide, so that would explain how it covers up a portion of the top and leaves a bit of the bottom exposed white as well. There isn't a way to change the screen recording position for a step by step as it becomes a part of the slide background and therefore needs to be consistent across slides. 

Mahalakshmi Babu


Just wondering if there is any update on aligning the screen recordings on the slide as it is still cutting off little bit of the header. Or if anyone knows how to add header on top of the screen recordings? I have nearly 150 slides. Its so difficult to manually add header on all the slides.