Clicking Seek Bar Overrides Trigger

I have a course where I  am testing the state of several objects with a variable. When the state of all the objects is Visited, the variable changes to True. I set the Continue button to hidden when the timeline starts on the slide and have a trigger to change the state from Hidden to Normal when the Visited variable changes from False to True. 

If I let the slide play normally, it works as designed. However, if I click on the seek bar, the Continue button immediately shows up, allowing learners to bypass important content.

The attached file is a stripped down version of the original - it doesn't have an audio track or link to the other lightboxed slides in the scene. I prefer to enable the seek bar on tracks with media so while turning off the seek bar is an option, it isn't the preferred solution.

Any thoughts on why this is happening?

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Bryan Braley

Thanks, Steve.

I normally use the initial state to do this but the latest update of Storyline seems to have created a few issues with being able to see what is in drop-down boxes (so I can't see hidden to select it). I just tested this in my test file and it works. However, the Initial State doesn't seem to take in the original file. 

Looks like I may be rebuilding the slide and 20+ triggers.

Thanks again,