Column and row headings displaying incorrectly when published to 360 Review and LMS

Aug 18, 2021

Hi all

I have 10 files almost ready to hand over to client for implementation.  Those files all have a number of tables.  During development I used 360 Review so the client could check the interactions, text etc and provide feedback.  Much of the feedback has been about text in the tables displaying in a larger and/or different coloured font resulting in some of the text being cut off.  I thought it was a 360 Review issue because the client did some initial testing in their LMS and it seems okay.  Also, when I republish to 360 Review the issues seemed to disappear.  My client has now published to their LMS and there are some instances where the column and row heading text is not displaying the way it is in the project file.

Can any one provide any help suggestions?  

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Jennifer Munro

Hi Maria and everyone else

I am working with Eric to resolve this issue of the font/size not displaying correctly in tables but so far I do not have a solution.  I have: reformatted all of the table column/row headings to normal text with direct formatting (in case it was something to do with styles), turned on Windows .NET framework 4.8 advance settings, uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline, restarted and shutdown my computer but I am still experiencing this issue.

I am posting here again because I can't believe that I am the only person experiencing this issue and the solution is as yet unknown.  I am attaching a PDF that shows a few examples.   Each time the files are republished the issue seems to fix but then I find it occurs in different places.

Getting very concerned now, so I hope someone out there has experienced this and has a solution.



Lauren Connelly

Hello Melanie!

I'm seeing there are different factors that could affect the way text appears outside Storyline 360. Which font are you using in your project? Is the text in the tables the only text that appears completely different in your LMS and Review 360?

It would be helpful to take a look at your .story file to understand what you've created so far. You can share your project in this public discussion or privately in a support case.

Jennifer Munro

Hi Melanie,  this issue has not been resolved for me.  I changed the font to one that Storyline recommended, as well as removing heading styles and only using normal plus direct formatting.  It seems to lessen the number of occurrences.  The problem is that its random.  A table may look okay with one publications but if the file is edited the same table may display differently even though that slide was not edited.