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Hello everyone.

In my current project I am working on a basic software simulation. No scoring or anything like that. Basic click here, type this.

I've run into an issue when it comes to command lines. I am aware of all the caveats around recording CLI stuff and that's all worked out recording wise. The issue is around the user experience.

I am trying to simulate the experience of CLI so the process should look like this to the learner.

1: Learner clicks the text box, enters value and presses Enter.

2: The sim checks the typed command and moves to the next slide or shows help if wrong.

The problem is that the Text Input action will only set the variable to what the user types on "loses focus." In all other applications this is fine because there is always another text box or hotspot to click on and take focus away from the text.

The issue I think I am running into is that I think that pressing enter does not count as "losing focus" so, depending on my logic, the learner either; get's stuck and cannot progress, or they can enter anything and it progresses.

I've tried triggering other variables and all sorts of different triggers.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

(Screenshot of logic attached - this logic allows learners to progress no matter what they put in the text box when previewing the scene).








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