Competitive games

We are currently using gamification in our e-learnings, especially for the knowledge check... however we would like to get our sales team to "play" the games but also compete against each other... 

We need to be able to track who has completed the games, their score and if possible also have a leaderboard  - so it needs to be linked to our LMS

Is this something anyone has done using Storyline (3)?

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Patricia de Souza

Hi Brian

We already track our gamified e-learnings... what we want to do: is when someone completes the game they can see where their score is on a leaderboard....

So Im wondering if  anyone is using reporting from the LMS to create  leaderboards (and how they do this and communicate to all learners doing the game... and taking it one step further - enabling the learner to see their position on the leaderboard from within the game  

I know there are platforms that can be used to do al this.. but I am hoping it is something we can create using Articulate!!

Brian Allen

I've seen some google docs integration with SL that might enable you to post scores and view leaderboards from within the game. You may try searching the community for google docs and leaderboard and see what you come up with. Someone may chip in here with a link (hopefully!).

We build leaderboards for our Sales reps using Tableau, based on LMS completion and score ranking (SumTotal), but it's not something I can share outside of my company. So it can be done as long as you have the resources in house, and it's very nice once you get them built.