Show Next Button After All Slide Objects Clicked, Viewed, and Visited

Conditional button that appears after all content is viewed

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A common question we're getting is around showing content (buttons, feedback, golden tickets) after the learner has viewed or clicked a number of objects.

Here's a quick and dirty example of how you can use triggers to evaluate button states to show hidden objects:




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Carrie Derner
I have a slide with 5 points/dots along the axis of a graph. Below the graph are 5 buttons with text that define the values for the corresponding points along the axis. (see screen shots)
Users can either click on a point, which then highlights the corresponding definition button, or they can click on a definition button and the corresponding point/dot will highlight.
The slides has lots of triggers, but works smoothly in html and html5.
The client is adamant that their users must see all the points before the custom next button on the page is active. I'm not sure of the best solution here. (There are no layers, just different states.) I thought about creating a work-around using a number variable that triggers the state of the next button to change to active after the value is 5 or more. So, I set the variable and assigned a trigger to each of the dots and each of the definition buttons to add 1 to variable. However, I must have done something wrong because it doesn't work. Can this work? Is there a better solution?