Constant refresh for layers in SL3

Apr 28, 2021

Is anyone else having a challenge in SL3 with layers. I keep have to refresh and sometimes shut down and start again to keep layers showing or not showing items from the base layer? It's getting frustrating :(. Thanks!

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Becca Levan

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for reaching out—I understand how this would be frustrating! I'm happy to offer some tips to try!

If you still don't see improvement, I'd recommend connecting with a support engineer to help troubleshoot as a next step! They're happy to lend a hand!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sylvia,

That image shows your overall Windows settings, not just as it pertains to Storyline. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later (gets installed if not present) is required for Storyline 3.

I'd recommend following up with your IT Team to understand your setup and any other requirements better.