Content library 360 slides, greys, and 508

Saying the obvious, I want to ensure text is readable, not just for 508 compliance, but for all learners.

I started one project using Content Library “Vision” theme slides. I this theme, a grey is used for font colors on a light background. I found that grey really light and was concerned with it. Then I showed it to a colleague and he said he had problems reading it because of the light grey. (I have separately suggested to Articulate that they change this theme.)

When I returned to looking at other Content Library themes, I found most with light backgrounds use a grey for font. I’m concerned about them being viewable. Although maybe I was getting too sensitive about how light they were, maybe some were fine.

Which themes have greys that you think are okay for readability and 508 compliance? I’m curious about folks’ thoughts on this issue.

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