Converting from Captivate

May 24, 2016

Does anyone or has anyone converted Adobe Captivate courses over to Storyline?  We have a client that is asking us to convert the current Captivate courses. Without having to reinvent the whole course, does anyone have any tricks they may have used to do this?




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Catherine, 

Michael is correct - as Captivate and Storyline aren't compatible and use different file structures so you can't import one into the other. You can embed the content directly into Storyline, but that won't allow you the ability to edit or change the way anything behaves within the embedded content in Storyline. 

Bob Wiker

I second that. The biggest/best tip is to re-use the images and audio files and so forth. Beyond that, have the Captivate version handy so that you can see the screens, try out the interactions, and essentially make sure you re-crecreate the behavior of the course as well as its look, feel, and visual layout.

Manjunath eCoursys

Just my 2 cents. In short, all replies are correct.  We recently built a very large multi-module course for our customer using SL2.  When we evaluated SL2 & Captivate during the initial stages, we chose SL2 over Captivate.  After finishing project, we tried to re-build one of SL2 modules in Captivate as a learning exercise. As a part of that exercise, we put together a blog based on our comparison of features.  You can check it here -

Articulate Storyline 2 Vs Adobe Captivate 9 – Feature Comparison

Hope this helps you in some way.  Inputs & feedback are welcome.