Copying Motion Path End Point (graphic) to new layer

Hello Community!  I am working with motion path on several slides and many of the slides contain numerous layers.  I am trying to find an easier way to transfer a motion path end point (graphic) to the new layer when the timeline ends.  However, I haven't been able to figure out how to determine "exactly" where to place that "end point graphic"  so that it doesn't look like it is jumping when the new layer appears. 

Thanks for your help!


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Char Larkin

Emily --- thanks for your reply.  Hmmm -- maybe I am not explaining myself well.  Or, maybe I am just not following.  First, I get how to copy a graphic from one slide to another and it will be pasted in the exact same place as the original. 

However, if I have a graphic that is going to move using Motion Path on the timeline, I want to copy the graphic's end point to the new layer.  I don't know how to do that given when I duplicate a layer, the graphic has not yet moved.  When I duplicate the layer, the graphic is still sitting at the starting point.   

Emily Ruby

Hello Terra!

When you duplicate a layer, the objects will be copied over to their exact spots. When you select the Animations tab, the motion paths will show up and you can place a new item over top the endpoint of the one already there.  If you are adding a new motion path to the new graphic, then its starting point will show up and you can further move the item to match up with the other items ending point.

Mateusz Szuter

Copy and pase your graphic. Switch to "animation" tab and you will see two dots - green one, the starting point, red one, the end point. Move your graphic so the green point overlap red point. Delete the motion path. You are done.

There are also coordinates to copy if you want. However, the bad designing thing is, that every object in Storyline has coordinates from top left, where moving objects have coordinates center center. But you can do the math ;)