Countdown Timer on Master Question Slide Doesn't work as expected

Mar 18, 2023

I have a simple project of 200 questions T/F.  I modify my slide master to add an .mp4 of a 20 second count down timer, I also add a trigger to advance the slide when the media completes.  Then I import my questions and put them into a bank, finally I add 50 via a draw to my project. 

When I publish to html5 and put on my website, the slide will NEVER advance past the first question.  I just a get a spinning wheel circling around forever.  The .mp4 is only 250kb so I know its not a buffering issue.  Both the trigger on media completing AND the question submit button fire off the circle of death but do not advance the slide.

Now if I put the .mp4 countdown timer on a regular slide of the question and take it off the master question slide it works as expected.  What do you think could be going on here?  The problem is I'd have to touch 200 slides instead of using the master as it was intended.  To make matters worse even if I dont use the master slide the copy / paste functionality of the triggers doesn't work.  I can't copy a slide trigger from one slide to another its very buggy.  I can copy triggers within the same slide but not to another slide for media completes.  Of course I can't select multiple slides and make a trigger that gets applied to all of them either, I thought I was doing the right thing with the Master slide route but I've hit a brick wall, I'm hoping someone can help otherwise I'm in for some seriously tedious work, touching 400 slides across two presentations.

Honestly this is one of my largest complaints about Articulate is the inability to copy properties from one slide to another.  Perfect example is T/F.  You can't put feedback on T/F on question import.  So that means you have to T/F as a multiple choice.  But then the default is shuffle answers which moves T/F upside down, so you then you have to touch every slide and turn off shuffle answers vs being able to select all slides and click it once for all slides.  Another great example is adding the jump to next slide trigger when timeline ends.  Again I should be able to select multiple slides and paste vs touching every single slide and hitting paste.  In a product this mature I'm at a loss as to why there is not more copy paste functionality for triggers, slide properties and attributes.



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David Richmond

So it turned out that I had to go into every question, remove the trigger, jump to next slide when timeline ends and the re-add the trigger... in the same place. Why I have no idea, just another odd buggy behavior.  I feel confident the bug has something to do with importing slides from another .story file, which in turn imports new slide masters.  There is no way to delete the 2nd set of imported slide masters and I'm guessing that the transitions are referencing something on the backend code that isn't displayed to the user - but matters a lot.