Course Title Appearing on Left Hand Side of the course

Oct 03, 2022

I have published a course that has had a simple text update to it, and now when I publish it and put it on the Cornerstone LMS, it has the course title appearing on the left hand side. This has happened to other courses, so I know that we have some Javascript to hide the TOC and changed player settings, and I have checked those things, and it is still happening! The original course was published and uploaded onto our LMS in 2020, and it was fine, I have republished that version and uploaded and the same thing is happening. So from 2020 some update that has happened on Storyline or Cornerstone is causing an issue. Please help, our resident Storyline developer is on holiday for two weeks!

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John Morgan

Hi Amanda,

I'm sorry you're having this issue with the title appearing in the left corner of the course! I do have some information on your situation! According to this previous conversation, it seems that this is a Cornerstone setting that their IT department can turn off. Have you checked in with them to get their thoughts?

Looking forward to your response!