Create a Virtual TBL IF-AT Scratch Off Card

I would like to create a quiz that models the behaviour of the TBL t-RAT Scratch Off card. 

I have a multiple choice quiz with 10 questions. 

If the students answer the question correctly the 1st time, they get 4 points. 

If they don't answer correctly the first time, they get another chance.  If they answer correctly on their 2nd try, they get 2 points. 

If they don't answer correctly on the second chance, they can try again and again, but they get 0 points. 

When the students are taking the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th attempt to answer correctly, how do I keep the answer(s) that they had chosen previously (so they know what they've already chosen that is incorrect)?  Or alternatively, how do I present the question again without the previously chosen answer?  



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David Anderson

Hiding or removing previously selected incorrect choices is easy. Just change their states to Disabled each time the Try Again layer loads.


Source file (attached)

David Anderson

Are you tracking the scoring or only using it to provide learners feedback? If you're not reporting or tracking, it's fairly straightforward. If you need to track, it gets a little more involved. 

Essentially, you would need a "dummy" quiz that you show to learner. Based on how well they do (4 pts, 3, or 0) they're taken to the tracking version of that quiz (hidden from learner) where the actual scoring is tracked by auto-selecting the choice worth the correct point value. 

Here's a quick video overview of the general idea:

I've also attached the updated .story file.

Tracey Weiler

Hi David, 

I have taken your story file and updated it a bit. 

I chose to create a "Score" variable, and then increment it on the Correct Layer .  If attemptcount = 1, then add 4; if attemptcount=2, then add 2; 

It seems to work.  Can you see any issues with me doing it like this? 

Also - I've tried to create a 5th answer option that behaves the way the other 4 behave, and I can't quite make it work.  

Check out the attached file and let me know your thoughts.  I am so grateful for your help, this is going to be really great for our TBL sessions. 



David Anderson

I'm checking w/ support to see if there's any reason you shouldn't use AttemptCount. Since it's not a variable that normally presents itself in the Built-In variables, I'd like to verify it's okay to use. Normally, I'd create my own called "Tries" or "Attempts" but like you discovered, it works:-)

Stand by...

David Anderson

Okay here's a quick video on how you can update the 5th choice work like the others:

Spoke with our experts and it appears you're good using the AttemptCount variable. It's a slide-based variable that clears each time on a new slide.

Having said that. my preference would be to use your own custom counter because you can show a variable reference on the slide to verify the variable's value is changing. If you add the reference for %AttemptCount% you won't see it update even though Storyline is tracking the number of tries.

But overall, your project file looks good.

Tracey Weiler

Hi David,
We would like to pass the final score back to the LMS.

I created a custom Score variable and then display it on the "Correct" slide layer. As the students go from question to question, the score increments. I then display that score on the last page.

Are you suggesting that I have a Score for each question that will appear on the Correct slide layer, and then a total score at the end?

On another note, what should I do to ensure that once the correct answer has been chosen, they can only look at it, but can't choose any of the other options?

Thanks so much!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tracey,

It looks like your final score is a variable, so you can send this variable to the LMS:

How to Send the Value of a Variable to an LMS

I also previewed your project and once I get the correct answer, if I return to the slide, I can no longer select another option. It sounds like you're seeing something different.

Would you be able to share a Peek 360 video of what you're seeing? If your file has been updated since the one you shared above, that would be helpful as well.

Ian Donmoyer

We're trying something similar with our TBLs and someone linked this thread - another caveat here is that even though there are triggers on the Try Again layer to disable answers you've already selected, they don't deselect the button, so you can still click Submit on the answer you just selected, reducing your score (the variable). This isn't necessarily a behavior we want, but in looking at other threads, it seems the only real workaround is to reset the slide to the initial state. This kind of defeats the purpose of changing the button states to disabled, unless we trust the learner to select another answer/not click Submit again by accident.

In the meantime what I've done is changed the "submit" triggers to the buttons themselves - it works the same but when clicking off the Try Again layer, though it is still selected again, you're not able to click it again and therefore not submit the choice.