Creating a Closed caption file type, importing from Word

Oct 17, 2022

Does anyone know how to or have any suggestions on how to take a word file and create the best format to import closed captioning? I'd rather not type out the entire script. It already has the timing of every word in it., but i have not found a site that offers the ability to create the types supported in Articulate. The instructions for using notepad did not work for me.

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Joseph Francis

Closed-caption/subtitle files are text files which are stored as .srt or .vtt. In addition to the text, a closed-caption file includes the "in" and "out" points (expressed in for each text block.

There are several tools available to create .srt & .vtt files. At my previous employer, we used Aegisub to generate the captions. In Aegisub, you can view both video files and audio waveforms, and then, with the script as a starting point, create captions which can be imported into Storyline's Caption Editor, with the correct timing already in place.