Creating a variable to trigger if Learner closes browser and exits course during Assessment

Apr 02, 2019

Hi.  I'm using Storyline 3 for a HTML5 course with multiple strands, Assessment Pools and results slides.  The course set to 'Always Resume' and is published on a Sum Total LMS.

The issue is:

If a Learner exits the course in the middle of the Assessment by closing the Browser window, they return to the same Question when resuming the course.  However, their response to the Questions they attempted prior to closing the browser are lost, so when they resume, their score is calculated based on the questions they attempt after re-starting the course.

For example, if you close the browser on Q3, you return to Q3 when resuming, but your score is only based on the remaining 7 questions you attempt (the score from the 3 questions you attempted prior to closing the browser are not captured in the results) which creates in strange scores on the Results Slide.

I'm sure this can be resolved using triggers/variables, but how does Storyline know if the Learner has exited the course by closing their browser.

Is there a way of forcing a Learner to return to the 'Welcome To Assessment' page if they close their browser in the middle of the Assessment?

Or can I create a trigger based on a variable which goes something along the lines of:

Variable = True

Variable changes to False if User exits course

 If variable is False, the course returns to the 'Welcome to Assessment Page' (where all scores are re-set to zero) when course is resumed.


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Jahan Khavari

The only issue I could see with a trigger like that is that when they close the browser it shuts down the articulate program and the trigger may not be given enough time to record what happened. Also, unless you store that data somewhere, even if the trigger were to occur, when the user came back a fresh session would be reloaded anyways. As far as I know, your best bet is to find a way to export the users answers as they go or to find a way to monitor them outside Articulate.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt, 

It sounds similar to an issue I've seen a few folks run into where a score is calculated based on where the user returns into the quiz if the course is tracked based on a combined results slide. If you're able to share a copy of the .story file here with us, we can test this out and connect it to the existing bug report. If you'd prefer to share privately you can send along to our Support Team

Matt Iem

G'day Jo,

I was able to resolve the score calculation issue if a Learner logs out of the course in the middle of the Assessment.  I'm happy to detail if you require.

However, if you were asking about forcing a Learner to return to the 'Welcome To Assessment' page if they close their browser in the middle of the Assessment, I was not successful in finding a solution.