Creating an ''object bank'' that I can pull from on to different result slides?

Mar 10, 2022


I'm currently experimenting with building a test resulting in different feedback based on results ( here for the initial discussion Building a test with different outcomes/feedback - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes ).

Got great help on that topic, and have been getting closer to have different feedback based on results with different templates showing (that might not be the best solution) . However, now I'm wondering if it's possible to create a ''object bank'' where I can store all different objects that I can pull from based on quiz results?

I.E : if I were to answer 0-20% or equal or less than 10 points I'd pull let's say, object 1,2 and 3 , while only pulling object 1 if I answered from 80% and up. Is this possible? 

The reason I'd like to do it this way would be to lessen the burden for updating in the future, also easier for people not involved with the build of the course / quiz if they were to take over for me. They'd ''only'' change the object in the object bank, which then would be updated on all different feedbacks, other than going into each slide (however, they would have to do that if they were to add new objects of course).

I've added a couple of photos if that helps to understand what I want to achieve (and this is a mockup , only for functionality testing, so thats why it looks like....that) .

Hope it makes sense. Thanks.

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