Creating and animating avatars

Sep 18, 2019

Hi, I am looking into creating avatars (not 3d photo characters like crazy talk etc.) for our instructors. The avatars should be able to animate like reading, blinking, hand gestures, etc... I would really appreciate if someone would like to share some ideas, software, or applications that can do this. 

Some application I found has their own avatars or characters. But I would like to create new characters or avatars using our instructor's faces. 

Thanks for sharing your best practices. 



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Elizabeth Miles

Yes, but you need to create all of the animation in Vyond, export to video, then import the video to Storyline.  I've used Vyond video in Storyline and Rise.  Here's a demo I put together in Storyline by importing Vyond videos to separate slides then adding interactivity and navigation.