Creating Flipbook using Storyline

Jul 16, 2012


I'm new to storyline but i loved the features after trying it for nearly 5 days. My teaching process have been lot easier with Storyline. Thanks alot. However, im trying to create a flipbook (similar to Engage but with interaction) in storyline for my studies, but i don't know how. I tried importing the flipbook file in Engage to Storyline, still it was not working as how i wanted (flipping). Please help me. How can i create a flipbook using Storyline from scratch, or any template available. Thanks alot. I appreciate it.

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Neha Jain


The page curl is a really useful effect! While it is uselful for when the learner clicks, I've been trying to get a page turn effect—something that would appear like the page is truning not just a curl the edge of the page (for when the slide moves on to the next slide automatically).

Could you please let me know if there is a way we can do this?

Thanks in advance!

Heather Murphy


When I viewed this example, the trigger from the Book Cover to the first page of the book worked fine, but when I downloaded the source files and tried to preview the project (using Storyline 2), the trigger wouldn't work.  

The same problem also occured on the Back Cover.   It is such a simple trigger to jump to the next slide (although it is a grouped object), so do you have any ideas as to why would this occur?   Once you are on the first page, the 'next" and "previous" page triggers to advance the pages work fine. 

ilakkiya Ramadoss

Hi: when i search for the fluidbook interaction i could find only the spiral and curl image story file.

My requirement is, we need a exact fluidbook animation with page turn effect.

This effect is available in Powerpoint as "Page curl" in Animation folder but we cannot get the same result in storyline also we couldn't import the file with that page curl animation in storlyline

i have tried different methods and used different animations and effect but that is not the actual one, even with javascript we have not got the exact result. The turn effect should comes in animation folder, but in storyline we have only basic animations which is not sufficient for creating the animated or high level contents.

Kindly suggest the solution or please develop the options and update or all the animations in powerpoint should fix into the storyline while importing.