Creating module in second person and seeking help on images

Hello, I am creating a module in the second person with the narration speaking to the end-user (i.e., You). I am looking for ideas on building the slide when you use "you" in the narration?

The slide's narration "You are excited to begin but unsure of how to manage a project from beginning to end. You are not alone."  I typically insert a character image and have the user follow along with the character as they learn something new in the module. But this time it seems odd to have a character when the narration is speaking to the user. Does that make sense? 



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Kellie,

I understand what you're asking about. I've never done that sort of 2nd-person narration. I think there are multiple ways to handle it. 

  • Follow along with a character, but have the character looking at other characters and/or items on the slide. In other words, don't have the character ever look directly at the screen.
    • You could have the user select the character to represent them, and then use that character (via designating states based on the selection). 
  • Have a character represent the narrator, i.e., that character would look directly "at" the user. 
  • Use a combination of the above.
    • For example, the narrator character could introduce scenarios, and the avatar character would "perform" the actions. 
    • Designwise, perhaps the narrator would appear on a solid background, and the avatar would be integrated into background scenes.