Creating Test Steps in Storyline 360


I was wondering if there is a way to import an external MP4 file into the Screen capture feature in Storyline 360 to create the Test Steps? I don't need to record the screen because it is already done for me, but would like to add a test screen feature into a Rise module.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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Katie Riggio

Happy Friday and great question, Tricia!

If you recorded a video outside of Storyline, there currently isn't a way to convert that .MP4 into interactive slides. One approach is to manually create interactive slides using screenshots.

Folks in our talented community may have tackled this already, so I'm confident you'll hear some good feedback soon!

Nicki Berry

I'm assuming by the lack of responses that this didn't go any further. I also want to import an mp4 and convert it into interactive slides. The main reason is that using Storyline to record the screen, it isn't very high quality and we have had some complaints that the details on the screen are too difficult to see.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Nicki!

Thanks for popping into this discussion sharing that you're on board with adding an option to import a .mp4 and convert it into interactive slides rather than having Record Screen be the only option. 

I've logged this as a feature request and added your comments to the log. I'll keep you updated in this discussion on the progress of this feature request. Again, thank you for taking the time to add your vote to this request!