Custom Mute/Unmute Control button

Jul 15, 2022

Hi There,

I found in many post that below jawaScript code is used for mute/unmute trigeer panel, 

var appState = require("helpers/appState");


But, in my case, I am unable to get this functionality working for modern player. I wat to control audio by using mute/unmute button functionality. 

I added triggered in Master slide and per slide level as well, Not getting mute/unmute functionality. 




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Sanghamitra Sethi

I have designed custom mute button for a course, it was working fine initially, but later when i added more scenes to the course it worked for some scenes and didn't work for others.

this is the JavaScript code:

var appState = window.DS ? DS.appState : require("helpers/appState");
appState.onToggleVolume(0); //mute 


is my code correct??