Custom navigation buttons on Slide Master don't work

I have created a Slide Master with 2 custom navigation buttons, one jumps to previous scene and the other jumps to next scene.

My project has 10 scenes with a number of different slides in each. Each of these slides is using the Slide Master but when I preview the entire project and click on these buttons they don't do anything.

Any ideas?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nicola,

So every slide in each scene has the functionality to jump to the previous scene or the next scene? I'm not sure I understand how they get between slides...but either way, the custom buttons should work. You'll want to check that you've applied that slide master layout to all the slides you'd like to use it If you right click on a slide and go down to layout, you'll see which one that slide is using highlighted. 

If you're still having difficulty are you able to share your .story file here with us? If you'd prefer to share it privately you can also send it here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Nicola for the clarification. 

I see that Cleo sent you the follow information:

You may find that the jump-to-next-slide/scene trigger doesn't work when it's located on a layer in your slide master. Please review the following article for more information:

Rick Gomez

Im having an issue with the same sort of layout, just one scene (but i guess it applies to any amount of scenes), my issue is that even when navigation goes ok (say next slide and previous slide) when i click on the index (or menu) and jump to any slide, say im on slide 1 and jump to slide 10, when on slide 10 i click the button to go to the previous slide, instead of going to 9 it goes back to 1. Looks like if the program wont realized what slide im in once i used the menu, and keeps in the buffer or cache the slide from where i jumped in, so when i click previous, it goes to that one instead of the correct one. Other example, if im on slide 5 and jump to slide 11, and then click previous, it goes to slide 4, instead of 10.

The trigger in the slide master is Jump to Previous Slide when user clicks...
Anyone having that issue, any idea how to solve it?

I ended up removing the nav. buttons from the slide master and placing them directly on the slide, but would be amazing to solve this from the SM.

Thanks in advance.

Wendy Farmer
Rick Gomez

and jump to any slide, say im on slide 1 and jump to slide 10, when on slide 10 i click the button to go to the previous slide, instead of going to 9 it goes back to 1

Hi Rick

that is previous button behaviour - last slide visited before the slide you are on, not the immediately previous slide in a linear fashion.  If you wanted that behaviour you'd have to trigger it on a slide by slide basis - which is what you have discovered.

Rick Gomez

Hi Wendy,

Thanks, not what i was hoping for, but you saved me from a few hours of try and testing. Because i was just about to create a new slide master and start checking from scratch, i was sure it was me doing something wrong. 

Kind of kill the point of having customized navigational buttons on a slide master. Bummer!
Thanks a mil again.

Wendy Farmer

Hey Rick

Works just the same as a browser back button...which folks are used to.

When I use custom nav buttons if I have specific screens where I want it to go to the immediately previous slide, I just copy/paste the nav button directly on the slide and trigger it. It then overrides the slide master - not ideal but it works.  

All the best for your project :-)